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Oxford Maryland Reviews - Hotel, Vacation Rental, and Restaurants

Reviews of Sandaway Suites: Hotel and Vacation Rentals in Oxford, Maryland 

"The 1875 Victorian mansion, set among mimosa and horse chestnut trees, is more secluded and its spacious rooms and suites are furnished with king- and queen-size beds. There is a sandy beach, where swimming is possible..." The New York Times

"I stayed in one of the inn's summer cottages, with waist-high wainscoting, a step-up king bed, a screened porch overlooking the water and a polished white clawfoot tub in which I took bubble baths as often as I could." Los Angeles Times

"For a tranquil setting where you can laze away the day on a private porch or on a blanket at the water's edge, we suggest you stay at Sandaway..." The Discerning Traveler's Guide to Romantic Hideaways: The Middle Atlantic & South Eastern States

"For a beach vacation vibe, the Sandaway Suites & Beach (103 West Strand Rd., 1-888-SANDAWAY,; $279-359) offers the service and charm of a bed and breakfast, with 18 bright, modern, beach house-style suites and amenities... Many of the suites have screened porches overlooking the sandy private beach with sun loungers available for guests only..." Moon Washington DC - Neighborhood Walks, Historic Highlights, Beloved Local Spots

"Lots of porches, huge trees, and chaise lounges make this a comfortable retreat." ​Frommer's

"You'll be equally impressed by its lovely waterfront location." Conde' Nast Traveler

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